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Il sesto della nostra serie di aste di raccolta fondi online presenta opere di David Koloane.


Titolo: Celebration
Medium: litografia a sei colori
Dimensioni: 41.7 x 68.3cm
Dimensione edizione: 40
Prezzo: R 4800 (IVA esclusa)

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Informazioni sull'artista
David Koloane was born in the township of Alexandra (Gauteng) in 1938. Koloane became interested in art during high school and made art in his spare time, in between earning an income in various jobs to support his family. Between 1974 and 1977 he attended art classes at the Bill Ainslie Studios, which later became the Johannesburg Art Foundation. David Koloane’s increasing commitment to art led him to a part-time and later full time teaching position in a township high school. Koloane then went on to become the head of the Fine Art section of the Federated Union of Black Artists (FUBA) in Johannesburg. David Koloane participated in a number of The Triangle International Artists Workshops. This experience led to the establishment of the Thupelo Workshops in South Africa, a concept that spread to Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Celebration. Celebration joyfully reflects a Zionist prayer meeting. The Zionist church in South Africa is an “indigenous” Black church that combines Christianity with elements of traditional African belief systems. It is the largest church in the country and on weekends one often sees members of the church dressed in their colourful outfits on their way to religious gatherings which are often held outdoors.